Help & Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to how to sell your products online on Labeb, how to purchase from listed stores, and how to use Labeb services effectively:

What is Labeb, and how does it work? is a marketplace that brings sellers & buyers from the Middle East together in one place. Labeb enables merchants to sell their products online by creating an online store in few minutes. It also allows buyers to search for and compare products from thousands of stores, providing them with details and information about each product to make an informed buying decision. Visit the about us page for further details.

In what countries does Labeb operate? operates in nine countries: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, and Jordan. We are working on expanding our services to more countries in the MENA region soon. You can access your country marketplace by visiting Labeb's homepage.

Can I use Labeb if I am located in a different country?

If you reside outside the nine countries listed above, you can still buy products from stores listed on Labeb. However, you need to directly communicate with the seller to ensure they provide a suitable payment method, shipping services and to discuss their return policy.
On the other hand, to register an individual merchant account in one of the countries supported by Labeb, you will need to provide an active local phone/mobile number to receive the verification OTP code. As for commercial stores, you shall provide a commercial license or an official document from the country you would like to operate. In both cases, you should provide a suitable payment method and comply with Labeb terms & conditions.

How to start selling on Labeb?

You can start selling on Labeb in few minutes; all you need is to register an individual merchant account or a commercial store account. The registration process takes less than 5 minutes. Once your account is ready and verified, click the Add Product button to add your first product.
Once you add products, they will be listed in the suitable category, seen by Labeb's visitors, where they can directly contact us to complete the deal. Thus, Labib does not directly interfere in the negotiation, buying, and selling process between the seller and the buyer. Furthermore, the service is free, and we may introduce some optional paid features in the future to help you promote your products and services and to reach a broader base of targeted customers. To learn more about selling on Labeb, please read this page.

How to register an account on Labeb?

If you are an individual looking for a marketplace to sell your products or services online, visit this link to learn more about registering an individual merchant account on Also, please visit this page for commercial & retail merchants to learn how to register a free store account on

How much does it cost to own an online store on

There are no fees to create an account on Labeb. You can create your online store or individual merchant account for free - at the moment - and immediately start displaying your products and services to reach potential buyers for free.

Can I create more than one account on Labeb?

You can create more than one individual merchant account on Labeb by using a unique and valid and phone number each time. You can also create more than one commercial account if you provide a different commercial license for each. Please note that you can use the same phone number and email address once only. Furthermore, Labeb has the right to close duplicate accounts and accounts that violate the terms and conditions. The same applies to accounts owned by the same person/store if used to manipulate prices or deceive site users and buyers.

How to change my account password on Labeb?

If you have access to your account, log in, go to account settings, choose change account password, fill in the current password and the new one to complete the process. If you forgot your password and you're not able to log in to your account, you can reset your password using the password reset link.

I forgot my password. How do I access my account?

Use the reset password link, which is also listed on the sign-in page. First, we will ask you to enter your store account email for commercial accounts or phone number for individual accounts. Once entered, you will receive a security code to your mobile or email address. Use this code to move forward and reset your password. You will be taken directly to your account once the process is completed.

How can I modify my account or store information?

Once logged into your account, go to (Edit My Account) and choose Edit Account Settings or Store Settings, then edit your information; The store name cannot be modified; please get in touch with us if you still need to change your store name.

My account has been suspended; why and how to reactivate it?

The suspension of an account is most probably due to a violation of the terms and conditions. Please, contact us if you believe that your account has been suspended by mistake.

My product listing was rejected/disabled; why?

We might refuse a product addition or disable it if it doesn't comply with the terms and conditions or has been reported by users for a violation. We would also disable/deactivate duplicated products, products with inappropriate or misleading images, prices, or information. Labeb has the right to disable violating products without prior notification. If you believe that your product addition has been disabled/removed by mistake, don't hesitate to contact us.

What are duplicated products that usually get disabled/removed?

Duplicated product listings are identical in the title, images, or specifications, whether the ad is from the same account or copied from a previously published ad from another account owned by the same user. Duplicated products get disabled to maintain fair competition and protecting sellers and buyers from manipulation, fraud, and spam.

How do I avoid disapproving or disabling my product listing?

Read and comply with the terms and conditions. Don't publish the same product more than once; avoid duplication in product images, descriptions, specs, and prices. Instead, use reasonable and actual prices.

How to reach more buyers on
  • Verify your Labeb account to gain the trust of users and buyers (We show a verified badge near verified accounts).
  • Choose the most appropriate/closest category for your products and services.
  • Add more than one image to your product listing; avoid duplicated images and images with textual content.
  • Don't include contact details such as email, mobile number in the product title.
  • Make sure to use a valid and active phone number and email address.
  • Write a proper and summarized description of your product in the description field.
  • Don't add the same product or service more than one time.
  • Monitor competition, browse the category where you add your products, see competitors' prices, and offer a better one.
How can I contact the Labeb team?

Don't hesitate to contact us using the contact us page or via email at:

How can I contact a seller/store on Labeb?

The seller's contact information is listed on the product listing page. You can also find further contact details on the Store page, such as store email address, social media pages, and website.

Do you provide delivery service?

Labeb does not deliver products and does not interfere with the sale process. You can directly contact the seller to obtain more information about payment and delivery services.

What about the return and exchange policy?

Labeb is not responsible for returning and replacing products. The return and exchange policy is determined by each seller individually. Please make sure to ask the seller about the return and exchange policy before completing an order.