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A Look at the Best Applications in 2015

What are the best applications in 2015? Are What’s App, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram holding the biggest share in downloaded applications?

Most Famous Applications in 2015.

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Many applications competed against each other during 2015 on two main lists: ‘Best Application’ and ‘Most Downloaded Application’ and so as 2016 begins, users’ are curious about those two categories: What were the best applications in 2015? And what were the most downloaded applications in 2015?

Answering the second question seems easier since you only need to count the number of downloads without getting into details since they are widespread and probably take a certain amount of our time on daily basis. These applications can be operated on smartphones, tablets, and some laptops.

The statistics and studies show that the most downloaded applications during 2015 are almost the same since 2010 and they are all owned by Facebook Corporation. The study carried by App Annie showed that the most downloaded applications on iOs and Android for 2015 are: What’s App, Facebook Messenger, Facebook Chat, Facebook Application, and Instagram.

According to this study, Android users downloaded twice the times of applications than iOs users during 2015. Due to the downloaded applications through Play Store in developing countries like: Brazil, India, Indonesia, Turkey, and Mexico, as these countries held half of the number of total downloads through Play Store.

As for other most downloaded applications, Facebook was the most popular application because it had the largest number of active users.

The most downloaded games in 2015 were: Clash of Clans, Monster Strike, Puzzle & Dragons, Game of War – Fire Age, and Candy Crush Saga.

Best Applications During 2015

Google announced the best applications for 2015 as it does every year. Note that these results are chosen by Google Editors and based on Android Operating System only.

Google team depends on many factors when choosing the “Best Applications”, like users review and number of application updates done by the app provider. Since it is a long list, we will shed a light on the top 5 Android Applications during 2015 which were published on Business Insider’s website:

JET Application

It is an ecommerce application, in which the user can purchase products online, with reasonable and affordable prices. Note that the application follows a dynamic pricing technique giving users price reductions based in Geo Location, payment method, quantity and products diversity in which the user wants to purchase.

Microsoft Word Application

Google analysts chose Microsoft Word as one of the best applications during 2015. Note that Microsoft Word App have many specifications and features similar to what can be done through a computer, like typing texts, reading, editing and publishing.

Doodle Application

Doodle application helps you organize your time for ultimate time management, as well as arranging quick appointments in accordance with the attendees’ times instead of communicating with them through calls or emails. Note that the application was most popular with medium and small companies.   

Netflix Application

The user can watch their favorite movies or series through the Netflix application, but the app requires the user to have an account with them. Netflix (for people who are not familiar with it) is one of the international channels providing and producing series and movies. They have more than 75 million users and it operates all over the world except for Syria, China, and North Korea.

ZEDGE Application

Zedge application allows users’ to change their background and ring tone. It is considered ideal for people who continuously change their backgrounds and ringtones. The application lets you ‘dive-in’ to a whole group of backgrounds and ringtones.

Other Applications

Finally, the list did include many other applications like: Attack the Light, YouTube Gaming, Twitch, VSCO, EyeEm, Snowball, Google Photos, and many more.

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