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How to choose the suitable tumble dryer for your home?

What are the most important features you should pay attention to when choosing your tumble dryer?

Your guide for choosing a tumble dryer

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What are the most important features you should pay attention to when choosing your tumble dryer? How to choose a tumble dryer among various available capacities, sizes and types?

A lot of factors interfere in the process of choosing a tumble dryer, from the type and brand, to the capacity and drying method, and else. Nowadays it became difficult to choose the suitable dryer for you home, as there are lots of options out there in the market. will save your time of going to the stores and make things less confusing, we will provide you with all the information you need in this article so you can limit your options.

The world has witnessed science and technology evolution in the 20th century that made people lives easier and smoother in all life major aspects, from washing and drying clothes to cooking and storing food, etc. In the 2nd decade of the 21st century owning electronic and electric appliances became life essentials not luxuries. Because most people work for 8 hours and sometimes even much more, and sleep consumes another 8 hours, so we are left with 8 hours or less to do lots of tasks; like laundry, drying clothes, cooking, eating, washing dishes, watching TV and else, such appliances save our time and effort. Tumble dryer is one of these appliances.

For a wise smart purchase, Labeb will guide you in this article to choose a suitable tumble dryer.

In the late 19th century and early 20th century, washing clothes was done manually in most parts of the world. The sun was the main drying source; people would expose wet clothes to the sun or just hang them and leave them to dry. Later, the traditional electric dryer was produced to evolve after that  into its 2 types the gas and the electric dryers.

Before getting into the most important things to bear in mind prior to buying a tumble dryer, two points must be clear, the first; buying a washing machine separate from a dryer is more efficient than buying a washing machine that does both washing and drying , especially if you use both appliances very often. More people are becoming aware of this point.

The second point is you don’t have to buy a tumble dryer from the same brand of the washing machine you have.

Capacity, types, and extra features are the things to think of when deciding what tumble dryer suits you. Let’s begin with capacity.

Tumble dryer capacity

Tumble dryers with different capacities It’s not necessary to choose a tumble dryer with the exact capacity of your washing machine, but this doesn’t mean you should not choose a capacity based on the amount of clothes you wash usually, or a capacity close to your washing machine or better larger so all clothes can fit after they dry and become larger.

Tumble dryer capacity is measured with Kg. The capacity written on the dryer is the maximum capacity, so if you have a dryer with a capacity of 4 Kg, this means its maximum capacity is 4 Kg of wet clothes, in general each 4 Kg are almost 20 wet shirts, Labeb advices you here not to fill the dryer to its maximum capacity, because this affects its efficiency.

In general, most widely used dryers have capacities ranging from 6-8 Kg, while 7 Kg capacity is the average capacity of all tumble dryers.

  •  5 Kg capacity is convenient for individuals or families of only a husband and wife
  • 5-7 Kg capacity is convenient for families of 3-4 individuals; a father, mother and 2 children.
  • 7 Kg capacity and more is convenient for large families.

We must point that more than 95% of dryers have dimensions of: 60 cm width and depth, 85 cm height or length, regardless of their capacity or features.

  • About power source

Tumble dryers are divided into two main types based on their power source, dryers working by natural gas, and ones working by electricity, the first type is only available in small areas in Egypt, while the rest of the Arabian market doesn't sell it.

  • Natural gas tumble dryers

Tumble dryers that work by natural gas.Drying method in this type is no more different than electric dryers. However gas dryers need gas valves and other connections in the wall. The room in which this type of dryers is needs to be ventilated frequently to prevent gas leak, it's important to mention that this type is much more expensive than the other type; electric dryers.

Although gas dryers cost more upfront to buy, however they are less expensive in the long run than the electric ones.

  • Electric Tumble dryers

This type is much more common around the world including the Arab world of course, it's cheaper than the gas dryers, and uses electricity to operate.

In general, electricity is more expensive than natural gas, that's why electric dryers are more expensive in the long run.

No connections or valves are needed here, only an electricity supply and a tube to expel water or steam that comes out of clothes. That's why this type is considered safer than gas dryers.

  • Drying outcomes

Dryers have two types based on their outcomes; the first one gets moist air out of the house through a tube; to prevent condensation inside the house. However, this type is not common around the world and not available in the Arab world.

If you plan to buy one of this type, you have to place the dryer next to a wall or a window, because it has to be connected to a tube to get rid of the moist air. Keep in mind that a hole must be drilled if you intend to place the dryer next to a wall.

As stated above, this type is not that common unlike the second type which expels air after absorbing water from it, then a tube gets this water out of the dryer. Despite the fact that air is not moist in this type, it's necessary to place it in a good place for ventilation.

  • Placing clothes in the dryer – loading types

Dryers are divided into two types based on the loading place, top loading and front loading. Top loading dryers - like top loading washing machines- are available in limited areas and mostly outside the Arab world, such as Europe and America precisely. The second type is front load dryers, as the name implies clothes are placed through a front door whereas the top load dryers have their doors on the top.

So the main difference here is only in the loading place. Top dryers are more convenient for the elderlies, because they don't have to bend over when putting clothes in or getting them out.

Extra features

Like other electronic appliances, prices of tumble dryers vary depending on the extra features they have. Determine what you need of these features according to your budget.

  • The sensor, some tumble dryers have sensors that stop the drying process automatically once clothes get dry, in that way clothes are kept undamaged from overheating.
  • Drying programs, some tumble dryers have drying programs, like programs for drying clothes based on their materials; cotton clothes or wool clothes, etc.
  • Internal tubs, some modern dryers have tubs spinning in both directions, and stop during cycles, resulting in clothes equally dry in shorter time. This feature is available in 99% of dryers in the Arab market.
  • Preventing clothes from wrinkling, in many dryers, you will have to get clothes immediately after they're dry to prevent them from wrinkling so they are easy to iron.
  • Touch keyboard, some models of tumble dryers have touch keyboards, but they're not widely available in the Arab market, and they definitely cost more than dryers with regular keyboards.
  • Keyboard lock, this feature is very convenient if you have children in the house, as they won't be able to turn the dryer on if it's locked.

Keyboard lock feature.These are the main features in a tumble dryer. Buy wisely and choose what you need depending on your budget.

Quick tips from us before heading to the store

After deciding the capacity and type of the tumble dryer you want to buy along with its features, your choices will be very limited, but before going to the store, advises you to: 

  1. Measure the dimensions of the place you want to put the dryer in, make sure to leave at least 10 cm space around it for ventilation.
  2. Make sure the dryer can pass through your house doors to where it will be placed.
  3. Remember, a family of 2 members needs a dryer with a capacity of 5 Kg, a family of 3-4 members needs 5-7 Kg capacity, and for families of more than 4 individuals a capacity of 7 Kg and more will be needed.
  4. Make sure there are appropriate connections in the wall for the dryer.
  5. Read the reviews and ratings for the brand you want to buy the dryer from, don't forget what's more important is to choose a dryer based on your budget.

Choosing a tumble dryer is not an easy task, but once you are familiar with the capacities, types and features of it, the decision will be much easier, that's why we made sure all of that is clear to you through this article.

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