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Your Guide to Buying a Computer Mouse

What are the specifications you need to check when buying a computer mouse? Are there any differences between them?

Mouse is one of the most essential input devices for computers and so choosing the right one is important.

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The tech world is advancing constantly, and nowadays Laptops are becoming more and more popular! Laptops have a mouse pad preinstalled in them and these pads replaces the traditional mouse as they also work through touch. However, there are many users who still prefer using the traditional mouse – even people using laptops!

The mouse went through a very long development phase and now there are many different types and design available in the market! Consequently, each type and design has its own specifications and features that differentiate it, and therefore choosing a mouse is no longer a simple task.

There are many different models in the market ranging from small mice, wireless mice, multifunction mice, and many others! The one constant about a mouse is that it is considered one of the most important computer input devices.

The new mouse or an improved mouse is one with excellent pointing precision, easy and comfortable to use, and operable on different powering systems! An efficient mouse is one that will increase your productivity level, and make sure you choose what is suitable with your work and facilitates your tasks. will guide you and present you with the important specifications and features that will help you make the correct and wise decision through this article.

Computer Connectivity

Wireless Mouse

Computer mice can be divided into two main types depending on how they are connected to the internet: Wired and wireless mice.

The wired mouse can be connected to the computer or laptop through a USB port. It is the most common and widespread worldwide as well as being the cheapest! This makes it the traditional model and it is preferred by most people who do not need a multifunction mouse.

It also does not require batteries and cannot be disconnected from the computer unless it was unplugged, and it is cheap. However, it limits the user to a certain area as it needs to be connected to the computer.

The wireless mouse on the other hand is available in two models depending on how they are connected: the first is connected via Bluetooth and the other it connected through a USB device.

The mouse that uses a USB device to be connected to the computer is the most common between the two types; it provides free mobility within a specified geographic location that is written on the mouse’s box, however, some think it is a disadvantage since it still occupies a USB port in the computer. If your job or task you perform requires the use of many USB ports, then a Bluetooth mouse will be more suitable.

The wireless mouse connected via a USB device also operates on batteries that require changing every two to three month depending on how much it is used. As for the price, it is more expensive than the traditional mouse but cheaper than the Bluetooth mouse.

The Bluetooth mouse is connected to the computer via Bluetooth and so it does not occupy a USB port and its connectivity relies on the Bluetooth connection only.

Buttons and Wheels Gaming Mouse

After choosing the correct model: wireless, wired, or Bluetooth, you must check the buttons and wheels.

The most popular mouse – disregarding connectivity type – is the one with two buttons: the right button, the left button, and the scroll wheel. Some mice have these visible and some have them within the original design.

Some computer mice have more buttons that can perform different tasks like easier navigation on the internet page, stopping certain commands, gaming, and many other tasks. Also some mice have a ball that facilitates the ease of switching between different apps and more options while playing games as well as the function of a scroll wheel.

Design and Wrist Support

This may be one of the important things you need to pay attention to if you work for long hours while using a mouse, especially people who work in graphic design and architecture. Therefore, you need to check the design to make sure you do not get fatigue or wrist pain.

The design can be split into two shapes: the first is the most common one where the hand is placed on top of the mouse horizontally. The second model looks like a remote control, and so the hand is placed vertically on the right side; this type is known as a Vertical Mouse.

Vertical Mouse

Mouse Sensitivity

The computer mouse sensitivity and speed can be altered through the setting on the computer; however, some brands have different speed sensitivity.

The speed and sensitivity is measured by a dots per inch unit; meaning the number of dots that the mouse can move to within one inch of a computer. This feature is written on the mouse box under sensitivity and appears as a number next to DPI (Dots per Inch); consequently the higher the number the faster the mouse.

Trackball Mouse

The least mouse sensitivity is 800 DPI and some models can reach up to 1800 DPI. You must pay attention to the fact that high sensitivity can affect the commands as a soft touch can affect the pointer. If you are an average user, then a mouse with a sensitivity of 1200 DPI will be considered a fast one for you, but if your line or work requires high sensitivity (like people working in graphic design and architecture) then you have to determine the type of sensitivity you need.

Summary, Quick Tips from Labeb

Choosing a mouse that suits your line of work or tasks you perform is not a hard thing, but you need to be precise and check the specifications of the product you are purchasing (similar to all tech products).

First you must determine whether you need a wired or wireless mouse, and if you choose a wireless mouse you need to check which is more suitable: one connected through a USB device, or one connected via Bluetooth. All the types have their pros and cons, but their prices vary! The cheapest type is the one connected through a wire and the most expensive it the one connected wirelessly through Bluetooth. Do not forget to choose what you need and within your budget!

Secondly, make sure the buttons and scroll wheel are suitable with your tasks.

Thirdly, choose between the different designs and purchase one that will not cause you wrist pain.

Fourth, check mouse sensitivity and choose what is suitable for you.

Lastly, make sure the mouse is compatible with the powering system you own (Windows, Mac, and Linux).

Be smart about you purchase!

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