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Your Guide to Vacuum Cleaners

What is the most suitable vacuum cleaner for you? What are the types and designs of vacuum cleaners? Labeb will explain all you need to know

Vacuum cleaners are one of the most important electric home appliances.

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The market is filled with different types, models, designs, shapes, and brands of vacuum cleaners which makes finding the right one a difficult task. Therefore, we here at bring you this article to introduce you to the most common types and models, and help you choose the one that suits your needs.

Whether you have a home filled with carpets or not, cleaning floors and carpets are one of the most difficult tasks for housewives. So, vacuum cleaners are one of the important electric home appliances that assist in cleaning floors and carpets efficiently.

Even though there are many different options in the market, there are some factors that – when determined – will reduce your choices, like: choose the type or model you want, then check specifications like the machine’s weight, capacity, inner sack, cleaning accessories and filters, and power consumption. Once you determine your needs, you will definitely find what you need and make the smartest decision within your budget

Firstly, we will list the different types of vacuum cleaners in the market and then we will list some important specifications you need to check before making a final decision!

Canister Vacuum Cleaners

 Canister vacuum cleaner

This type is the most common in the market, especially the Middle Eastern one. It is also sometimes referred to as a cylinder vacuum cleaner, rectangular vacuum cleaner, etc… It is composed of a long hose and a cylindrical box that has the motor (which provides suction power) and a bag to collect dirt.

This type is perfect for carpet covered floors, tiles, vertical surfaces, curtains, and drawers. It has several sizes and brands; the most popular brands are Electrolux, Sharp, and Philips.

This type also has small wheels for easier movement. The hose has a brush on its end that can be replaced with other shapes. Most vacuum cleaners have more than one hose head each specialized for a certain area like narrow areas, certain fabric, or multiple purposes.

Upright Vacuum Cleaners

 Upright vacuum cleaner

Upright vacuum cleaners are highly popular in the Western culture – specifically in America and Europe. This vacuum cleaner has a vertical shape, and it is usually a single vertical piece with a handle on top. Inside it there is the hose, motor, and dirt bag, and on its end there is a brush and wheels; the brush usually hits the carpet to remove the dust and draw it in. It is suitable for cleaning and vacuuming furniture and open areas.

What differentiate this type is that using it does not require you to bend over but it cannot work on stairs.

The most famous manufacturing brands for this type are Dyson, Bosch, and Electrolux.

We must point that these vacuums work best on different carpet materials and it is a long-one-piece machine; meaning you do not need a lot of space to put the hose in! It also has a light weight and not as noisy as canister vacuum cleaners. However, its cons are that it cannot clean narrow areas and stairs.

Backpack Vacuum Cleaners

 Backpack vacuum cleaner

This type is no different than other vacuum cleaners except for the way it is held! The motor and bag are in container and carried on your back, just like backpacks, and it has a hose similar to canister vacuums. This means that you do not have to drag the vacuum with you and you just carry it on your back to clean; it is most suitable to clean stairs with as you simply carry the vacuum on your back.

Surely, it also have different hose heads that you can change, and even though it is not yet spread worldwide, it is still preferred by the business sector (companies and offices).

Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

 Handheld vacuum cleaner

This type of vacuum cleaners is special as it is small and light and – just like its name refers – it is carried by hand. Most of this type is cordless meaning it works on batteries. There is a base you put the vacuum in to charge it. This type is mostly used to clean narrow spaces, corners, and cars.

The most famous brands of handheld vacuum cleaners are: Black and Decker, Dirt Devil, and Hoover.

This vacuum has very small capacity and hence suitable for light cleaning. Many users think it is a complementary device at home, while others (people who live alone) think that it is good.

There is yet another type of cleaners but we will not discuss it in details in this article. This type is the robotic vacuum cleaner and we have written an article concerning their types and features. You can find this article by visiting our guides section or by clicking here.

What are the Important Specifications you need to check before making a Purchase?

Water Suction Feature:

Vacuum cleaners can be divided into two types depending on water suction ability: the first type can clean water and the second type does not! If the vacuum cleaner does not have a water suction feature, it might lead to damaging the motor, and usually vacuums with bags do not support this feature.

Before making a decision, you need to consider whether or not you want the vacuum to absorb water or only dust. Vacuums with this feature are more expensive than the normal one!

Power and Capability:

Another important feature you need to check is the vacuum cleaner’s power; it is measured by watts, and usually ranges around 1200 – 2400 watts. The higher the power, the more efficient the vacuum is (the better it cleans), but the more expensive it gets!

Choosing a power is directly linked to how and why the vacuum cleaner will be used! The most sold vacuum cleaners have an average power of 1000 watts.


 The capacity differs from one model to another, and from different brands! Usually an average capacity will be useful unless you have a large house (it will be preferable if you get a bigger capacity).

Vacuum cleaner’s capacity is more important when purchasing a vacuum with a water suction feature! The average capacity is around 25 liters.

Bag or Box:

Vacuum cleaners can also be divided into two types: the first has a dirt bag, and the second has a dirt box! Some prefer using the bags as they can be changed regularly, while others prefer boxes that can be cleaned after vacuuming. There are some bags that can be washed after using. Here, it is up to the user to make a decision of which type they prefer.

Vacuum Cleaner Accessories:

Most normal vacuum cleaners have a number of cleaning tools that can be changed: some are good for narrow corners, some for carpets, and some for tiles. If you need a certain cleaning tool, then you need to check them and their brushes to make sure they will meet your need.

Power Consumption:

Most vacuum cleaners have an average power consumption of 0.27 kilo watts per hour to clean 10 meters squared of a carpet. Power consumption is also one of the most important specifications you need to check, so make sure you get one within this average.

Finally, Labeb’s advice to you is to choose a suitable type for you and then decide on other features like: water suction, capacity, power and capability, power consumption rate, and whether or not the vacuum has a dirt bag or box. You also need to check the additional tools that come with the vacuum and do not forget to choose what you need within your budget.

Be smart before making a purchase.

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