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The Rise of Robot Vacuum Cleaners

What are robot vacuum cleaners? Will we stop using are hands to clean our homes? Will robot vacuum cleaners work alone?

The Swedish Company Electrolux was the First to Unveil Robot Vacuums in 1996.

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Technology plays a role in all life aspects whether at home, work, or public places and it is becoming an inseparable part of our daily activities. will now tell you through this article about one of those tech advancements: the robot vacuum cleaner!

Similar to traditional vacuum cleaners, the main function of robot vacuum cleaners is to clean floors, surfaces, and carpets easier and faster.

Robot vacuum cleaners are one of the most recent inventions for cleaning floors and carpets. According to tech experts, robot vacuum cleaners save time and effort as you can switch it on and leave it in the place you want to clean while attending to other things until it finishes cleaning on its own.

They are available in two main designs: one is circular and the other is square. Some companies have manufactured other designs to enter the race of the best design of robot vacuum cleaners that can reach all corners.

Although robot vacuum cleaners can clean floors and carpets with a single push of a button, but it cannot clean furniture or spilled liquids.

The main features of robot vacuum cleaner are self-mobility even on uneven floors and carpets; it can also easily reach and clean corners. New models do not have a bag and you can clean the inside by opening it and throwing the waste away, and it has sensors that analyze which part is clean on the carpet or floor and what requires more cleaning.

Companies are still creating extra features to the robot vacuum cleaners and by the end of 2015 the Korean company LG released the first smart robot vacuum cleaner.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

 Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

The mechanism does not differ from one brand to another as all robot cleaners rely on more than one spinning brush that collects dust and determines the path, and having sensors that helps in mobility. Note that these robots can reach under beds, closets, tables, and furniture due to it short height. It also can move and turn on its own if it bumps into any obstacles.

They all work on batteries that can be easily recharged through its specified charger.

In new versions, the sensors are either made from infrared, ultrasonic waves, laser, or cameras in some brands. The sensors can guide the robot away from stairs and hard objects to avoid damages.

It can also be controlled through a remote, or voice control (through voice commands), and you can set a certain time for it to start (it will return to the charger once it finishes).

With all the advancements, some experts are still worried and think that it cannot replace the traditional vacuum cleaner yet as it cannot remove a large amount of dust due to its small size and design.

Also, there are others who believe that cleaning the filters and brushers is a very hard task which will further limit the robot vacuums from replacing the traditional ones!

Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaners

 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

At the end of 2015, LG announced that it is about to unveil the first smart robot vacuum cleaner during the first quarter of 2016. It will be the first robot with dual cameras and can be controlled through a smartphone.

The company also pointed that the smart vacuum will operate through an application that allows users to take pictures of their homes, store blue prints and maps to guide the vacuum to clean a certain part at home.

The smart vacuum will also perform security tasks as it can recognize weird or suspicious movements at home when it is empty and alert you through sending pictures to your smartphone.

What differentiates between smart vacuums and robot vacuums is the ability to be connected to a smartphone through internet as it supports Wi-Fi. It also cleans automatically once commanded, can clean certain parts, and finally return to its charging base once the tasks are completed.

LG experts state that the company added more features that improved suction making it almost similar to the efficiency of a traditional vacuum.

Summary, Will The Robot Vacuum Cleaner Replace the Traditional One?

 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Charger.

In light of all the technological advancements we are witnessing now, we can no longer be surprised by the inventions of robot vacuums or smart vacuum cleaners!

All inventions and innovations were astonishing at first and customers could not believe that these products will replace the traditional ones, but with all the development and advancements happening today, many electronics are becoming part of our daily lives.

Therefore, we must assume that these machines will gain popularity in the future and become a part of our lives.

Anyway, robot vacuum cleaners and smart vacuum cleaners are still under continuous improvement and development and we might expect a huge outbreak in the next couple of years.

Just like always, stay connected to for all the new updates and information in the tech world so you can make the smartest and wisest decision.

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