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How to Choose a Water Cooler

What are the specifications of water coolers? What are the differences between water cooler models?

Water Coolers are now a Necessity at Home

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Coolers are an electric appliance that cools, heats and purifies water at home and offices. In their first models, coolers only provided cold purified water, but nowadays coolers also heat water. Some have two or three taps, one for cooling and the second for heating. It works by putting a water bottle on top of the cooler.

There is no doubt that this type of appliance saves time and effort as you have ready-to-use hot and cold drinking water at all time. It is also a very useful device at offices and work.

Some coolers are connected directly to the main water line without the need of a water bottle, and this type only cools the water. It is usually seen in hospitals and schools.

Water coolers are useful for people who need cold and hot water, or for people who do not like tap water, or do not trust its purity. This is a perfect time for us to remind you that an adult needs an average of 1.5 to 2.0 liters of water a day since it improves energy, removes body toxins, improves skin purity, maintains a good metabolism, and improves the immune system, headaches and weight control.

When thinking about getting a water cooler, you must learn about the different types or models in the market and then check some other features.

Water coolers are available in three main types: the first is the Freestanding Water Cooler, the second is the Countertop Water Cooler, and the third is the Bottle-less Water Cooler or Bottle Free Water Cooler (as the name differs from company to another).

Freestanding Water Cooler

 Freestanding Cooler

It is the most common type in the market, as the cooler is put vertically and the water bottle is placed on top of it. It has two water taps the first is for cold water and the second for hot water. The capacity of water bottles suitable with this cooler is around 19 liters.

This type’s size does not differ from one model to another, but there are some differences when it comes to its design. Some manufacturers add a door to the bottom part (base) of the cooler to store snacks and drinks in a cool environment when the cooler is cooling.

This is the cheapest type of coolers and is affordable to everyone.

Countertop Cooler                               

 5 liter cooler (Countertop Cooler)

This type is suitable for small families, people living alone, and people without enough space to put a freestanding water cooler. The water bottle suitable for this type has an average size of 5 liters, but there are some manufacturers who produced coolers to suit bigger bottles reaching a capacity of 19 liters.

It also has two taps: one for cold water and one for hot water but none of its models have a storage unit.

The dimensions and water bottle capacity differs from one company to another; a model that can support a 5 liter bottle will be smaller in size than a cooler supporting a bigger water bottle.

Bottle Free Water Cooler

 Bottle Free Water Cooler

This type is commonly seen at universities, schools, and hospitals. It can be divided into two main categories: the first one looks like the freestanding water cooler but is directly connected to the main water pipe in walls and it can cool and heat water. The second type is sometimes referred to as a Fountain Cooler since the water is pumped out like a fountain and it can only cool water.

 Fountain Water Cooler

This type, as mentioned above, is connected directly to the water source (water pipe), and the water enters to be cooled or heated depending on the model.

Its size differs depending on the manufacturing company, and it is the most expensive type, but considered more economic on the long term as you do not need to change the water bottles continuously. Therefore, it is preferred by establishments like schools, hospitals, some airports, and public facilities.

After learning about the different types of coolers, and after choosing a suitable one, you need to check the other specifications listed below:

Water Filtration

Regardless of the type you choose, some coolers have a simple water filtration system. Generally all water coolers that are connected to the main water line have a filtration system.

This feature may not be important to people who are going to buy a freestanding or countertop water cooler since the water bottle placed on it is already purified; like Nestle and other brands.

We must point that you must change the filtration system regularly in the water coolers. This is also considered as an extra expense on the user. The filtration can remove impurities, residues, and chlorine from the water.

How to Get Water

All coolers have two taps except for the fountain cooler.

The water dispenser tap looks like a normal tap and has a cup holder handle to put the glass in. Once the handle or button is pressed, the water will be released through the pipe. Some modern coolers have a touchscreen instead of the handle or button.

The most common model now is the button type since the holder usually breaks easily and the touchscreen can easily be damaged.

Summary, Labeb’s Advice

Choosing a water cooler may seem like a difficult decision at first, but if you find this article on, your decision making will become much easier.

After choosing the type you want:  Freestanding, countertop, or bottle free coolers, you need to choose the water filtration feature and how you get the water: handle, button, or touchscreen.

After deciding the above you have made it half way through and all you have to do is read the following tips to ensure making the smartest decision:

  • Measure the dimensions of the cooler and the place you want to put it in to make sure it fits. Leave a space of at least 5cm around the cooler.
  • Make sure there is a filtration system.
  • Make sure the cooler can be easily cleaned.
  • Make sure it can cool and heat water.
  • Make sure you choose the design you like since there are numerous options.
  • If you do not have enough space to put the cooler, purchase a countertop water cooler.
  • Make sure you get a cooler that has a power saving feature.

With these final tips you can make a smart and wise buying decision. If you are looking for a cooler in Saudi Arabia, all you have to do is type cooler in the search box above to get a list of stores that sell your product with the cheapest price.

This article was about choosing a water cooler, and we will write an article about choosing water purifier and filtration systems in the future.

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