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Panasonic will release their Transparent TV in 2018

What are transparent TVs? When will they be released? Will they the beginning of the end of traditional TVs?

2018 will shed a light on Panasonic’s Transparent TV

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Transparent TVs are the latest innovation in the optical tech industry but they are still under development and improvement. They have not been released to the market yet! Apparently, companies manufacturing these screens are presenting them to experts and customers for reviews.

The Japanese Corporation Panasonic joined the GITEX forum in 2016 and presented their transparent screen which captivated the audience. GITEX is an electronics exhibit held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, annually. During this year, many companies unveiled spectacular electronic devices.

Labeb participated in this year, and this year’s GITEX focus was mainly about Start-Up companies and their effect on developing and improving our daily lives with their innovations and creative creations. This year, the forum included more than 60 countries from all over the world.

What Are Transparent TV Screens?

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International corporations are still coming up with ways to innovate, develop, and improve their screens as competition is increasing!

We must point that a few years ago there were news reports about some companies’ success in developing transparent screens and reflective ones. But this news was kept vague with no further details.

It is expected that transparent TV Screens will revolutionize the industry during 2018.

Transparent TV screens look like LED and LCD screens when it comes to the general design and frame, but they are transparent. Meaning that when the screen is switched off you can see what is behind it, and once switched on, you can watch TV normally (just like you would watch a normal TV).

The main idea or mechanism behind these screens is a mix or hybrid between the Liquid Crystal Display (also known as LCD) and Transparent Organic Light Emitting Diode (TOLED – the improved version of Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED).

This technicality depends on using transparent electrodes and light emitting elements making it capable of presenting the content on both sides of the TV screen. The screen’s transparency is more than 70% with the ability to increase the contrast, brightness, and resolution. They are still being developed in companies but are expected to shed light in 2018.

Panasonic Presents their Transparent TV Screen in GITEX 2016


The leading electric devices and electronics Japanese Corporation Panasonic also participated in GITEX 2016. They presented their transparent TV screen to the audience in the section of transparent devices. Panasonic believe that they are redefining the future of technology with the transparent devices.

Panasonic are fully depending on GITEX to present their new products. Generally, this forum is the desired destination of major corporations and companies to reveal and present their productions.

The Japanese Company Panasonic categorizes their transparent TV Screens as the “future of television screens”. You can even adjust the screen’s transparency to clearly see behind the TV.

This technology, transparent TV screens, can be used in any place in rooms as they do not cover what is behind them from decors, they are also touch screen and the screen can be split in half; one side for music and the second a normal TV.

They did not, however, determine the screen dimensions and price. It is possible that they will have a price close to OLED screens. But it is still too early to speculate these matters.

Panasonic believe that the products they introduced during GITEX will capture the attention of many experts and tech specialists for a period of time since they will try to find details about the product, its technicalities, specifications, and features.

What is intriguing is that Panasonic’s transparent TV screens have a high resolution and the transparency can be easily adjusted. In addition to having a built-in music player, movement, facial and eye recognition features, as well as other specifications.


Corporations apparently are working on the development of transparent devices. The devices include screens, projectors, billboards, and laser shows.

This direction is being approached because companies are trying to meet the needs of the market and different industries and sectors, beginning with normal users, entertainment, businesses, educational facilities, restaurants, hotels, etc…

The Japanese company Panasonic is one of the leading companies in the technology sector, and they presented their transparent screens and projector screens during GITEX 2016 in Dubai.

 GITEX 2016

From the devices presented by Panasonic were BalooncamTM, projectors, VF1, local lighting systems, internal video communications, scanners, and others.

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