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Your Guide to Buying Surveillance Cameras

What are the factors for buying a surveillance camera for homes and offices? What are the main differences between surveillance cameras and systems?

The Demand on Surveillance Cameras Increased During the Last Three Years.

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Getting surveillance cameras and systems is becoming popular lately, and because surveillance cameras are developing, choosing a surveillance system became harder to do due to the many specifications and features.

Choosing electric appliances and devices, smartphones and tablets, and even computers is not an easy task! You need to read about the different products, their specifications, and user reviews in order to make a smart decision and buy what you need!

Choosing a surveillance system mainly depends on the amount of money you are willing to spend. Secondly, you need to choose the type you want, either for your home or office.

You need to determine whether you want an indoor or outdoor camera, and then choosing the shape. Afterwards, you need to choose the number of cameras you want within the surveillance system. Finally, you can choose from the additional features like the ability to record, connecting it to the internet for live streaming, and picture and audio monitoring.

Differences between Indoor and Outdoor Surveillance Cameras

Indoor surveillance cameras are used for many reasons like: monitoring nannies, workers, robbers, or for any other reason that might happen while you are away from home. It also can be used in offices to monitor the employees and office!

When choosing the indoor surveillance system you need to decide on the number of cameras you want to install in your home or at the office! Do you want to monitor a certain room, or more than one room? You can determine the number of rooms you want to install a camera in and accordingly get the correct number! Note that indoor cameras usually have a higher resolution.

Outdoor surveillance cameras are used for similar reasons like monitoring the yard, garage, and doors. These types of cameras usually have night vision as well!

It is important to choose a surveillance camera with a good design that is not obvious to people. This is because if the camera is noticeable then it would become an easy target to perpetrators to destroy, damage, or avoid.

Similar to indoor surveillance systems, you have to choose the number of cameras you want to install; do you want to cover a certain area, or all entrances and exits?

The main factor for choosing a surveillance system is to determine whether you want indoor or outdoor surveillance systems. Note that some outdoor surveillance cameras can be placed inside but you have to make sure of that option when purchasing one!

Usually, the type of camera – whether indoor or outdoor – is written on the box. Outdoor surveillance cameras have more features than the indoor surveillance cameras like being water resistance and having a sturdy exterior. Those features cannot be beneficial inside and so we advise you to get the proper type for the place you want to install the camera in.

Water resistant surveillance cameras are also snow resistant, dust resistant, and can withstand different weather conditions! Some users prefer getting a metallic box to put that camera in to protect it more.

Designs of Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras can be divided into several main categories. There are other shapes and designs in the market but the following are the most common for indoor and outdoor surveillance systems.

The main designs are: dome, rectangular, and cylindrical. Each of these designs has different sizes depending on whether they are indoor or outdoor cameras.

The dome shaped indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras are not very obvious to the eye. This adds up to its value for being a safe option. It can also record on a 3-dimensional scale. However, changing the view angle is not easy and it has a limited lens. Generally, this type is more commonly used indoors (below is an image of a dome surveillance camera).

 Your Guide to Buying Surveillance Cameras

Cylindrical surveillance cameras are larger cameras and some can have a motor to move it in different directions. The sizes this type comes in makes it suitable for outdoor use, but it needs to be well installed to avoid damage (below is an image of a cylindrical surveillance camera).

 Your Guide to Buying Surveillance Cameras 3

Rectangular surveillance cameras are mostly outdoor cameras. It has a low cost and has a big amount of lenses. However, many users think it has an unattractive appearance (below is an image of a cylindrical surveillance camera).

 Your Guide to Buying Surveillance Cameras 5

Wired or Wireless Surveillance Cameras

From the extra specifications that you might need is whether the camera is wireless or not! The wireless cameras operate through transmitting the captured footage to a surveillance screen or a mobile screen wirelessly.

 Your Guide to Buying Surveillance Cameras 4

It is also easier to install anywhere you want since it does not have many cords attached to it. However, its disadvantage is that the transmission will end without internet connection.

Wired surveillance cameras are harder to install but the cords give a better resolution and you do not need to worry about a constant internet connection. New homes, offices, and corporates have a preinstalled space inside the walls for wire extensions.

Colored vs. Black and White Surveillance Cameras

In most cases, users have a small regard to the type of picture the camera is recording – whether it is colored or black and white! While in other cases, users believe that having a colored image increases the efficiency of the camera and accordingly it becomes safer and more secure! This is because they believe you can give a detailed description of the incident that occurred, like for example: giving the police a detailed description of a robber’s clothes.

It is more important to check the resolution and night vision features when purchasing a colored or black and white camera.

The higher the resolution of the camera the better result you will get. Note that the surveillance camera resolution is measure in TV Lines (TVL).

The average resolution in a surveillance camera is between 350 and 400 TVLs. High definition surveillance cameras has a resolution between 480 and 800 TVLs. People who want to install surveillance cameras in their homes do not require a high resolution system.

There are some other features that you might want to check like night vision, zooming, changing lenses, water and dust resistance, recording images, recording videos and audio, and connecting the surveillance system with other protection systems like fire alarms.

Summary, Labeb’s Advice to Make a Wise Decision

 Your Guide to Buying Surveillance Cameras 2

The development and improvement in the camera industry is evolving on daily basis. There is now a new small hidden camera that can be placed in pens. Choosing cameras (including surveillance cameras) is not an easy task.

However, it will become easier if the user becomes more informed about the different types, specifications and features of surveillance cameras.

First, you need to choose whether you want indoor or outdoor surveillance cameras, then choosing camera design, then choosing other specifications like colored recording and being wireless.

We must point that it is important to check the accessories of surveillance cameras like cables, wires, output screens, and installation tools. Note that most stores selling surveillance cameras also install them.

The increasing number of corporates and homes in the world led to the increase in wanting to own cameras and surveillance cameras. Many users may also connect the cameras with an integrated security system like burglar alarms.  

It is important make sure if you only need surveillance cameras, or surveillance cameras that can record 24/7. You also need to make sure you correct the design and specifications to meet your needs.

If you need a surveillance system and want to install one, make sure to get what you need and within your budget! This will be our advice to you always disregarding the product you are looking to purchase!

Be smart before making a purchase!

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